Who the hell did I just “like?”


Welcome to P.A.C. Mountaineering, our story started in 2014 in Estes Park, CO.

All I wanted was a solid climbing partner for my first summer in Estes and what I ended up with was a rag tag crew that couldn’t find their way off a single climb at Lumpy without at least one fourth class move in the dark. Although those guys would probably say the same about me and more since I led the crew up our first few climbs and spent more than one lead yelling down for directions. Our whole summer experience turned into one shit show after the other, but we still got on top of some things and laughed a lot. By the end of the summer we picked up a few more members and had one happy family of scrappy climbers. I then went back east along with Mo while the others stayed in Colorado or went to Texas but the bond never went away.




Throughout the past year and a half I’ve travelled around the country visiting these guys and going climbing, I spent another summer in Colorado and through it all they remain my favorite climbing partners. We have a lot of talented members and a lot of personalities and we believe it’s time to share ourselves with the community. Our group conversations have included a lot of shit talking and some profound philosophical conclusions, but mostly a lot of joking around. So we are here to share these stories, some art, and opinions on the current climbing media. Enjoy.




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